What is it like being a volunteer with Bassetlaw Mind?

We have a small team of dedicated volunteers who work closely with staff to provide excellent support.
Here are some quotes from our Volunteers to give an insight to their own personal experience of volunteering for Bassetlaw Mind.

“I find being a volunteer exceptionally nice helping others”


“Mental health is influenced by a range of factors such as physical health, employment, housing and relationships. Advice Bassetlaw is a service that aims to provide holistic support across all of these areas by signposting service users to other agencies and ensuring that the clients get the support and advice they need. People with mental health issues are particularly vulnerable to experiencing social exclusion and this presents significant barriers to them accessing the appropriate services to support them in their recovery. Advice Bassetlaw aims to reduce these barriers by accessing the expertise of multiple agencies in an environment that the client feels most comfortable.

I have particularly enjoyed supporting Advice Bassetlaw as it is a service that challenges the inequality and discrimination that people with mental health issues experience by supporting service users to become independent in addressing the key areas that may affect their mental health. This is achieved by ensuring that multiple agencies work together to deliver a person-centred approach. This approach not only ensures that service users are less anxious, as they are made aware of the services available to them but that they have more choice and control over the services they access. Ultimately, Advice Bassetlaw is a service that is focused on supporting service users to be independent and in control of their own recovery”.