Open Services

This is open to all members, including carers.

Within this service, we offer the following:

  • Relaxation Podcasts
    A series of podcasts to support with relaxation and anxiety issues.
  • Advocacy Services
    Sign posting to advocacy services.
  • Information Library
    Providing information on mental health and other related issues/ signposting.
  • North Notts Support Partnership-
    A partnership project with Bassetlaw agencies ensuring that clients receive timely and appropriate advice.
  • Healthwatch-
    Independent consumer champion for health and social services.
  • Wellbeing therapy-
    A one to one service exploring stress management.
  • Weighing up Wellbeing-
    Peer support for those wanting to work on their weight and wellbeing.
  • Coffee pot-
    Monthly coffee mornings.
  • College courses
    Term time courses in a variety of topics.
  • Counselling-
    one top one support with volunteer counsellors offering a person centred approach
  • Creative Ceramics-
    a range of session with varing themes based at the Harley Gallery Worksop
  • Gender Specific Services-
    men’s and women’s groups meeting weekly
  • Memory Garden and Allotted Time-
    green therapy to increase wellbeing
  • Training and Education-
    a range of courses across the District to promote wellbeing including coping with change, confidence and self esteem, creative sewing, cooking for one, photography, seasonal crafts

These can be accessed from within any step