Get Set to Go


Mind in Nottinghamshire is using the power of sport and physical activity to tackle mental health problems

Mental Health Charities Bassetlaw Mind and Central Notts Mind have been awarded funding by Sport England and the National Lottery to help people to try new sports and activities to help improve their physical and mental health.

Through this work we will be supporting people from Bassetlaw and Mansfield and Ashfield, who are experiencing mental health problems – such as depression and anxiety – to build their confidence to join sports clubs, go to the gym or take up a new sport such as Pilates, Cricket, Football, Cycling, Walking and Running to name a few.

People with mental health problems who have taken part in an earlier pilot phase of the Get Set to Go programme say that it not only increased their activity levels over a 12-month period, but also helped them feel more resilient and better able to cope with challenging life events. The hope is that people in the Bassetlaw and Mansfield and Ashfield Districts will benefit from this new phase of Get Set to Go.

The Get Set to Go programme, launched in 2015. In the past three years, more than 3,500 people with mental health problems have benefited and tried out new activities in a relaxed and friendly environment.  An independent research team from Loughborough University conducted a two-year study which showed that 78% of people rated it as very good or excellent after just 6 months.

In this new phase of the programme, Mind aims to support over 120,000 people with mental health problems across the country to be more active through its work in communities and partners in the sport sector.

Nic Roberts, Bassetlaw and Central Notts Mind CEO said – “we are delighted that we have been selected as a Phase 2 delivery partner for this valuable project.  We know that the people we work with would benefit from physical activity and sports but we are aware that we need to nurture involvement carefully, slowly and at a level to meet their needs. We have some key partners on board that will help us shape and deliver a programme of work including – Notts Football Association, Notts County Football in the Community, Everyone Active, Bassetlaw District Council, Mansfield District Council, Active Notts and East Midlands and Yorkshire Activity Alliance”.

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind said: “We know that physical activity can play a vital role in the lives of people with mental health problems, reducing the risk of depression by up to 30%. Unfortunately we also know that many people who do want to participate in sport are being held back by their mental health, whether that’s feelings of low self-confidence, exhaustion or fear of crowded spaces.

“The findings of the first phase of the Get Set to Go programme shows us that it works as a model, improving participants’ resilience and building their support networks. We are therefore delighted to have received funding from Sport England and the National Lottery to build on this and support even more people with mental health problems to become more physically active.”

Mike Diaper, Sport England’s Executive Director Community Sport, said: “We are delighted to partner with Mind and invest National Lottery funding to enable Minds in communities across the country to bring the benefits of sport and activity to people with mental health problems. We urge everyone working in the sport and physical activity sector to learn from Get Set to Go and make their own services more accessible, supportive and welcoming to all.”

Bassetlaw and Central Notts Minds will be working closely with partners to deliver community sessions and to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment within local sport and leisure facilities. As part of this work, they will be offering free Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity (MHASPA) training to sport sector staff, which has been developed with UK Coaching

They will train Peer Volunteers, who understand how mental health problems can be a barrier to getting more active, to support participants to attend Get Set to Go sessions and try out different activities in their community.

Bassetlaw and Central Notts Minds will be running a number of taster sessions and 12 week programmes over the coming months where you can try out different activities and see what suits you. So if you’re interested in taking part then details can be found at- 01909 476075 or 01623 658044.